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SEO | Posted on 18th August , 2017

RIP HTTP Protocol – The End of Unsecured Websites

Starting October, Chrome users browsing through websites using the less secure HTTP protocol, are going to see the following error frequently: If you own a website that is s..

Passport.js blog featured image
Mobile App Dev | Posted on 6th April , 2017

Setting Up Passport.js for Easy Node.js User Authentication

Since its launch in early 2010s, NodeJS has rapidly changed the way in which web applications are being developed. It, thus, doesn’t come as a surprise that several top names in ..

Featured image for the blog
Web Dev | Posted on 20th February , 2017

How To Customize Shopify Product Filters To Hack Your UX & Sales

The way the world shops has changed drastically in the last few years. Nowadays people can order anything they wish via a quick tap on the screen of their smartphone on-the-go. Alt..


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