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Providing Holistic Joomla Development Services

For blogs, mobiles applications and websites which publish content, Joomla is heaven sent. This is because it makes use of the Model-View-Controlled (MVC) model and it becomes really easy to build and develop web applications. Nearly 3% of the websites today are powered by Joomla and if we talk about CMS websites, this goes even higher up to 9%.

Benefits of Using Joomla for Web Development

Joomla is a very compact CMS, yet it packs quite a punch with its host of features. To begin with, Joomla is multilingual and provides support in over 65 languages. It is thus a boon for content developers. Apart from this, Joomla provides easy updates thus you can look forward to the latest technologies being incorporated and thousands of extensions, addons, plugins, modules and templates which can be used to create dynamic and powerful websites.

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Latest Modules for Better Content Management

One of the biggest benefits of using the web solutions created by our developers using Joomla is that managing and organizing content becomes a child’s play. It also provides a host of front-end solutions, including pre-installed modules, using which your website’s content can be displayed better for the convenience of the users so that they can do their work more easily.

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Highly Dedicated And Successful Team

Yes, we proudly claim that we provide the best Joomla development services and there is a reason behind it. It’s the team. For over 5 years now our team has consistently been delivering consistent results because they never give up till they attain top-notch results. The same attitude is exhibited when working with other technologies including Drupal and CakePHP.

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What Makes Us the Crème de la Crème ?

The reason behind our consistent track record in Joomla is because of our secret ingredients, a few of which are as follows

Customization Expertise

From custom extensions to modules, we have a contributed to more than 50 customized Joomla package software for a wide variety of clients.

Professional Approach

No matter what the size of your project, we ensure that you are always in the loop of the developments which take place at our end at any time of the day.

Affordable Packages

As a Joomla development services providing company, we believe that your budget should not be a hindrance in getting access to the best Joomla solutions.

Why ClixLogix For Your Auto Business?

  • Experienced Team
  • 365*7*24 Support
  • Custom Code Ownership
  • Free Website Analysis
  • Proven Methodologies
  • Dedicated Managers

Our Portfolio

Witness a collection of our latest client projects that became success stories for Clixlogix.

Client Talk

Witness a collection of client projects that became success stories for Clixlogix.

The team is very professional. It was a pleasure working with them on a short gig. However they have shown their capability and prowess. Highly recommend them.

Startup Travels

Co-Founder, Startup Travels

They have delivered an amazing website which is one of the best UK letting agent websites you’ll see. Their attitude and willingness to get things done was great.

Bristol Property

Owner, Bristol Properties

“I’m very pleased to work with this team. They are very professional, accurate and dependable. I will definitely work with them further in my new projects.”

Possible Training

Director, I'm Possible Training

Clixlogix have been very supportive from end to end of the project development lifecycle. They have conceptualized the marketing tool in a way that validates our business goal. Highly recommend them.

Green First Female

CMO, Greens First Female

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