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At ng-conf , Salt Lake City, Utah – something exceptional happened. Google & Microsoft joined hands together to collaborate on AngularJS.

Angular JS NGconf 2015

This all started with announcement of AngularJS 2. One of the core Angular team members Igor Minar mentioned that Angular 1.x would still continue to be updated & hosted at http://angularjs.org

Later, members from Microsoft’s TypeScript team took the stage & unveiled the result of their “months-long” partnership with Angular Team. Developers will now be able to code better with Angular 2 while using dynamic libraries. This is possible via TypeScript, that enables features like – metadata annotations & dependancy injection.

Typescript is a JS superset that is compiled to allow cross browser compatible Javascript code.

They also announced convergence of both – Typescript & AtScript. This collaboration will bear its fruit in upcoming TypeScript 1.5 release.

So far, Angular was using ATscript, A Javascript superset which was designed to run smoothly with ECMAscript 5 & 6.

Its notable that integration of Typescript with Angular JS lacked any formal documentation until now.

It is expected that Miško Hevery, Father of AngularJS is going to take stage today 6th March to give more infromation on Angular JS 2.0. You can follow twitter updates with the hashtag #ngconf to catch the latest buzz.

Day 1 ng-conf Youtube Official video below | ng-conf keynote slides



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