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You can bank upon our award-winning web development expertise that has helped us achieve great results for various industries we have worked for. 50+ years of combined expertise and thorough professionalism is what makes us the best web development company as hailed by our elite clientele.

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Quick Turnaround Time & Exceptional Precision

Having delivered more than 100+ sites with varying levels of complexities, our team is attuned to challenges- whether you wish to tweak your old site, or want to develop a new site from scratch, our team is sure to impress you with their prompt delivery and the quality of all deliverables.

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Quick turnaround on website development projects

Smart and Efficient Project Management

Through diligent handling and timely delivery of projects, we have come to be known as a trusted web application development company by our clients worldwide. In order to achieve this, we had to put in years of hard work, but in the end, we have garnered enough experience to handle even the most demanding projects with ease.

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Free Concept SRS documentation for website development projects

Your Concept SRS Documentation - Free

Not all good things come at a price- get a detailed Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document for free. This document will state all functional and non-functional aspects of your web application/website. In addition to this offer, you can also get wireframes designed for your dream website.

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Here’s How Your Site Will Be Developed

Want to know how we do what we do? Find out here as we lay out the workflow of our web development services for you to see and assess.

The Waterfall Model is ideal for projects which have relatively less complex requirements and a fixed scope. It helps us navigate from one end of the project to the other in one iteration as all aspects are precisely known.



Documentation of web development requirements

Documentation of Requirements

An SRS document, stating all your requirements is prepared. The data in this document guides the entire process of web development that follows after this.



Design blueprint creation

Creation of a Design Blueprint

A basic design of the system is prepared based on the data collected in the previous step, which helps in specifying hardware and system requirements.



Software integration with design

Software Integration with Design

Development of system begins in small programs or ‘units’ whose functionality is tested before making progress to the next stage of unit integration.



Evaluation of developed systems

Evaluation of Developed System

Post Unit Testing, all units are integrated into a system. This system is further tested for technical loopholes and functionality issues.



Deployment of Developed System

Once all functional and non-functional aspects are evaluated, the system developed is deployed in the environment of your customers.



Maintenance of Software System

Patches are released to fix any issues that may come up post deployment. Introduction of better versions and changes in the code may be required.

The Agile Software Development workflow is followed for complex projects whose scope cannot be specified. Here, we adopt an approach of cyclic iterations based on Scrum for both web design and web development.



Web development project conceptualization

Conceptualization of Web Dev. Project

In this stage, the primary aspects of the project, which includes your business vision and technical specifications are assessed to create the concept.



Conceptualized project inception

Inception of the Conceptualized Project

The elements of Scrum come into play here- depending on the work, we allocate resources for every stage and requirements and environments are discussed.



Working Software System Iterations

Iterations for Working Software System

The real work begins as we set small targets to complete in a sprint of 2-4 weeks, and work on those targets, while keeping the end goal in mind.



Release of developed website software system

Release of Developed Software System

This stage involves Quality Testing, internal-external training, and documentation, which is followed by release of the final iteration for production.



Software system production and support

Production & Support of System

The software system developed through this method is provided the necessary technological support. For every stage, we make sure to get your feedback on the same.



Software system maintenance

Retirement or End-of-Life Activities

As the project reaches completion, we notify you about the finished deliverable and implement any coding changes you may ask for.

Our Web Development Expertise

A lot of skills are put to test when a site is being developed and launched- from designing a site to coding for it, and then finally getting it live for your customers to see, we make sure every stage is covered in the best manner.

Expertise with multiple software and codes for web development

Multiple Software Expertise

Depending on your needs, the right tools, software and programming languages are used for creating custom sites. Our extensive skills in developing web application software, coupled with our cross-platform flexibility enable us to develop websites which are distinctly different from the others.

Affordable & Secure Website Development Solutions

Affordable & Secure Solutions

We have been creating reliable and cost-effective digital solutions for the web that are trusted by end users for their secure and seamless performance. Whether it is an e-commerce site or a blogging website, we make sure your site is free of bugs and web security loopholes.

Responsive Web Applications

Responsive Web Applications

Responsive web development is the norm of the day, which is why your site must be able to adapt according to the device used by the demography you are targeting. At Clixlogix, we create sites that have exceptional performance on all devices.

Services We Offer

Take a look at our web development services that have been tried and tested by more than 100 businesses in the past.

Why Clixlogix For Web Development?

  • SEO-Friendly Web Development
  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Affordable Maintenance PlansPPC Campaigns Explained
  • NDA-Protected Dev. Projects
  • Stringent QA Assessments
  • Proficient In-house Coders

Our Portfolio

Witness a collection of our latest client projects that became success stories for Clixlogix.

Client Talk

Witness a collection of client projects that became success stories for Clixlogix.

The team is very professional. It was a pleasure working with them on a short gig. However they have shown their capability and prowess. Highly recommend them.

Startup Travels

Co-Founder, Startup Travels

They have delivered an amazing website which is one of the best UK letting agent websites you’ll see. Their attitude and willingness to get things done was great.

Bristol Property

Owner, Bristol Properties

“I’m very pleased to work with this team. They are very professional, accurate and dependable. I will definitely work with them further in my new projects.”

Possible Training

Director, I'm Possible Training

Clixlogix have been very supportive from end to end of the project development lifecycle. They have conceptualized the marketing tool in a way that validates our business goal. Highly recommend them.

Green First Female

CMO, Greens First Female

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