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We Understand the Dynamics of PPC

The parameters of what makes a successful Pay-Per-Click Campaign are ever dynamic. Having successfully managed and optimised over 185 PPC campaigns in the past, we bring to the table an in-depth understanding of how to get you the best value for every penny that you spend on your Adwords campaign.

Best Packages, Awesome ROI

No matter how big or small a campaign you want or the size of your organization, we have a host of packages which are guaranteed to suit your every PPC need. Our PPC packages are optimised to provide the best return on investment by employing cutting-edge pay-per-click marketing techniques and a highly seasoned team of PPC experts.

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Highly Capable PPC Team

With over 185+ successful Adwords campaigns under our belt, our team comprises of experts who deeply understand almost all kind of markets. With special emphasis on analytics and data-driven Google PPC marketing, we help clients expand their market share and increase sales opportunities using out-of-the-box pay-per-click advertising techniques. So sit back and chill and let our team do all the hard work.

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5+ Years of PPC Campaigns

Be it mobile or web search, we let you be at the top of it all. The secret behind it all is our 5+ years of experience which has enabled us to learn, adapt and deliver absolutely the best to our clients. Our number-crunching analysts employ a host of analytics tool to make sure we have the campaign under scrutiny from all the directions. So that the next step is always also the best towards improving your PPC campaign.

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PPC Packages

We have a wide variety of packages which are sure to satisfy your needs but in the highly unlikely event that you are not able to get the one you desire, you can always create the one you want on your own.

Monthly Fee

  • $ 99 / month
  • $ 199 / month
  • $ 499 / month
  • $ 799 / month
  • $ 1499 / month

Keywords Targeted

Campaign Analysis

Account Setup

Website Analysis

Keyword Research

Landing Page Analysis

Google Analytics Setup & Integration