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Upswing Your Web Presence With Our Wordpresss Wizardry

WordPress is a comprehensive yet no-frills content management system (CMS) that has outperformed its initial label of being just a blogging software. Being one of the most preferred WordPress Web Development Companies, we are familiar with the vast functional scope that WordPress has to offer as a web development platform. Get in touch with us and see for yourselves what this system and our expertise can do for your online venture.

Optimized Sites That Get You Profits

Over the years, we have seen WordPress evolve as the best choice when it comes to content-heavy sites. It is natural for such sites to have better chances at climbing up the SERPs if indexed properly. With our WordPress Development Services, you can rest assured that your website will be highly marketing friendly.

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Custom WordPress Themes You’ll Love

With our exquisite WordPress Development expertise, you get ample flexibility when it comes to choosing the desired look and feel for your website- from having a consistent theme throughout your website to customizing every section or webpage with different themes, you get unparalleled creative liberty with ClixLogix.

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Plugins That Help You Achieve a Lot More

Apart from being SEO-friendly, WordPress provides a host of plugins that help you customize your site further. You can sync your website to your Social Media accounts or use a sharing tool. Also, with us, you can stop worrying about online security issues and upgrades as well. So let’s get started on building the website for you that you have always wanted.

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What Makes Us the Crème de la Crème ?

The success of our WordPress Web Development projects lies in the competence of our teams of tech savvy coders, web designers and internet marketers who make sure every minutiae of your site is in its best form.

Giving More than Just A CMS

At ClixLogix, we aspire to give you the best of features and functionalities WordPress has to offer. This free, open source software can help you experience unchartered commercial growth if implemented the right way.

Secure and Affordable Solutions

Whatever be your budget, you can find and achieve what you have always wanted with our custom WordPress development services that come with the best themes and plugin development to create a stellar website.

SEO & Search Engine Friendly

For content-heavy sites, SEO needs to be kept in mind for good rankings on the SERPs. With us, your website will not only be structurally and functionally robust, but it will be in line with the norms of SEO.

Why Clixlogix For Wordpress Web Development ?

  • End-to-End WordPress Solutions
  • Best Plugin Integration
  • Custom Websites For All Budgets
  • Experienced & Qualified Developers
  • Top-Notch and On-Time Deliverables
  • Technical Support For Performance

Our Portfolio

Witness a collection of our latest client projects that became success stories for Clixlogix.

Client Talk

Witness a collection of client projects that became success stories for Clixlogix.


They have delivered an amazing website which is one of the best UK letting agent websites you’ll see. Their attitude and willingness to get things done was great.

Bristol Property

Owner, Bristol Properties
Fruveju Vanessa Valdez

Great work from the Clixlogix team. Good communication and helpful advice. Will definitely work with them in future.


Owner, Fruveju

The team is very professional. It was a pleasure working with them on a short gig. However they have shown their capability and prowess. Highly recommend them.

Startup Travels

Co-Founder, Startup Travels

“I’m very pleased to work with this team. They are very professional, accurate and dependable. I will definitely work with them further in my new projects.”

Possible Training

Director, I'm Possible Training

Clixlogix have been very supportive from end to end of the project development lifecycle. They have conceptualized the marketing tool in a way that validates our business goal. Highly recommend them.

Green First Female

CMO, Greens First Female

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