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Technology | Posted on 14th September , 2017

How To Implement Kanban For Increased Efficiency In Software Development

Most business systems need to change from time to time, and each new change requires financial and human resources, IT Support, and Lifecycle Management. In 1970’s when large ..

Mobile App Dev | Posted on 21st April , 2017

Developing Cross Platform File Sharing App For Bluetooth Low Energy

Necessity is the Mother of Invention In 1994, Bluetooth was invented at the headquarters of ericsson in sweden as short-link radio technology in search of a way to develop and con..

iOS blog featured image
Mobile App Dev | Posted on 20th March , 2017

Apple Might Just Close Down Your Favorite App

Apps are everywhere these days. Right from getting you a ride to getting you a date - apps do it all. But if recent reports are to be believed, some of your most favorite apps migh..


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