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Over the years, India has emerged as the #1 outsourcing destination for many companies over others like Philippines, Poland and Ukraine. Infact More than half of the fortune 500 companies have their established business operations in India.

But why do individuals/companies go with outsourcing their mobile app development needs to Indian companies? Is it because of ‘Top-notch’ work quality, High accountability, convenient time zone, outsourcing-friendly policies in place or simply reduced costs?

Today, we will have a look at the Top 5 reasons that make an Indian Mobile App Development company your go-to team:

#1 Talent:

India has the largest mobile app development talent pool in the world

India is unmatched when an extensive pool of proficient and talented mobile app developers comes into the picture When you outsource your mobile app development needs to an Indian firm, you get a chance of working in tandem with highly skilled professionals, who have a good hands-on experience of developing a mobile app for all walks of businesses.

Here’s what Tom Hyde, STI Upstream business manager (Shell) has to say on why their company choses India among other countries outsourcing needs.

“The attraction of India for us was not only numbers but, more importantly, the quality of the talent. We’ve taken on people who are innovative and creative and can really contribute to the business”.

#2 Costs:

business-money-pink-coins (1)

The #1 reason for you to go with an Indian mobile app development company over the western counterparts is simply because they can help you achieve more for a lot less.

For example, a good mobile app development team in the US will cost anywhere around $120-150/hr, on the other hand, the hourly cost of an experienced app development team in India will be around $20-30/hr. This equates to a hefty savings of about 80%.

This huge gap exists mainly because of the difference in personal expenditures between India and the developed countries. This can help your company reap lion’s share of profits which can be further invested into the other aspects of your business like marketing for growth hacking.

#3. Communication

Seamless communication and you are halfway to a Hollywood Ending

English is the second official language of India and upholds the distinction of being the largest English-speaking nation in the world, even when combining native English speaking countries like US and UK together. When you outsource your mobile app development needs to India you work along in tandem with professionals who have a good hold over the English language, which makes puts away the language barrier for good. What this means is an effective and transparent communication about your needs and goals.

#4. Policies:

Indian IT Outsourcing industry is supported by a stable Pro IT government in place equating to strong policies on GDP growth, economy, power,  taxation, telecom and industrial parks which in turn leads to improved infrastructure and communication systems.

Also, India is a very “safe online-friendly place”. With proper law and order in place, there is nothing to be afraid of. Most of the firms have an in-house team of dedicated mobile app developers, this ensures all the confidential data exchanged is secured with the firm you are dealing with.

#5. Business Growth:


As your business takes strides of growth, you will need to support your ever-increasing mobile customer base or research and test new idea while at it. Micro-managing everything in-house may take your focus away from core business activities.

However, outsourcing your mobile app development needs will enable you to award non-core activities like app support and maintenance to experts while you can continue to manage the business functions that make you successful.

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