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2013 saw technologies such as 4K HDTV, cloud storage, drones and much more exploding into our lives. Companies such as Lockitron and Nest paved the way for future smart home solutions and telecom companies like Samsung, Sony, etc. launched smart gears which could be the future of wearable technology.

With CES 2014 now behind us, we have already seen what the future could be like. 2014 would mostly include the refinement of these new technologies which look to significantly improve our day to day activities. Google recently acquiring Nest takes things to the next level, could this mean changing your Google+ status to “Feeling cold” makes your Smart Home increase the room temperature? Who knows!

But through our super-psychic powers we can tell this for sure that 2014 could prove to be quite a big “Tech Explosion”. We provide you with the best technologies of the year, if you’re a Tech-freak you have to look out for them! Here’s a cool info-graph for the same.




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