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The Project

Village Green Studios are the creative geniuses of the digital design and marketing space. One simple glance at their website is enough to do the trick. They help businesses and artists to grow themselves on the digital platform by assisting them in the sphere of digital marketing and website design. By collaborating with us, they fulfilled their need to revamp the website in order to meet their design expectations, undo the factors causing hefty bounce rate and optimize the existing code.

Project Challenge

Working with clients operating in the same domain as ours was a thrilling experience. We had to buckle up to meet their high level expectations for the design. Having a pre-set marketing strategy for the modified website, we had to be careful and cautious during optimization, in order to fit the molds of their strategy.

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Here are some outstanding results Startup Travels was able to achieve with their pre-launch marketing campaign

  • 78%

    Decrease in the bounce rate

    After thorough examination and tweaking out the faulty parts, the website recovered well, by reducing the bounce rate to 78%.

  • 30K+

    Average viewers

    Coming mostly from the artistic clientele, Village Green Studio has been witnessing quite a high rise in the number of user altogether, after the revamp.

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