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If you haven’t been living under a rock you would know how mobile apps are taking over the world.

It is indeed impossible to live to without our smartphones today. They have changed our lifestyle, and as a result we have developed a non-negotiable co-dependency.

Mobile apps have become assets for its users as they help in getting things done on-the-go and have found a special place in daily aspects of our lives.

So if you are a business owner, it makes great sense to launch your own app to further extend your customer base and reach out to the untapped audience directly on their smartphones.

Not so long ago, mobile apps were considered a part of business strategies of major brands and enterprises only. However, this has changed rapidly over the past two years. Today, smaller businesses are serving their clientele better with the help of mobile apps and experiencing great returns.

However you look, we humans are social by nature. Nobody wants to be left out from what’s happening around. The fact that mobile is social cannot be overemphasized. Just like formal chatting and video calling, businesses can push sales through the mobile device.

The bottom line today is very simple — you need a mobile app. The fear of high-priced developers does not have to be a deterrent any longer, so there’s really no need to put it off. You can very well outsource your app requirements and get your mobile app developed in quick turnaround time while saving a lot of money.

Now there are a number of things that can be accomplished with a mobile app for your business. For example-

● Customer engagement
● Service and support
● Promotion
● Online sales

Here are 5 primary reasons why your small business should have a mobile app right away:

    • The world is on Mobile:

      The world is witnessing a huge rise in smartphone usage. When a user is spending over 3 hours daily on their smartphones, it is evident that smartphones have become a very powerful marketing platform that all businesses, ranging from startups to small businesses to enterprise, need to leverage to grow their clientele and further expand their reach.

      In 2014, the number of people using their mobile phones surpassed the number of desktop users. Google conducted a research regarding the use of mobile apps in 2013 which involved travel, health, fashion, restaurants, home, garden and automotive. The results showcased that out of every 10 conversions, three started their purchase path from a mobile app.

    • Round off Your Website with a Mobile App:

      Many businesses operating on a shoe-string budget usually ask this question – “Why a mobile app when we have a functional website?”

      Not just that, since customers are on different mobile platforms like iOS & Android, the businesses are agonized about building various apps targeted to those potential customers. They are unsure about building dynamic or static apps, and the difficulty of coming up with an app design.

      Here’s our taken on it:

      As the world’s online action continuous to shift aggressively towards smartphones, having a web presence is no longer enough and the fact that many businesses have not yet realized its full potential, it is paramount that you be the first one to enter the market with a mobile app and take your competitors by storm.

      Don’t limit your online presence with just a responsive website. There’s a “buy and bye” phenomenon in the marketing world, which essentially states that “a customer finds a great product, buys it and simply leaves”. On the other hand, you run the risk of never finding customers if you limit yourself to a mobile app. Evidently, these platforms complement each other. While a website is basically shouting out and helping you attract and engage with the new clients, a mobile app on the other hand, builds customer loyalty via establishing a live two-sided communication that a website cannot offer.

    • Credibility:

      Whether you are an enterprise or a small business owner, you can always enhance your organization’s credibility with a mobile app. To your target users, it poses your business as an innovative one. The fact that you are willing to reach out to your consumers directly showcases your business/brand as a much more well-placed one against others. Take advantage of this effective communication and marketing tool while it is still rare.

    • Tailored Marketing:

      Mobile apps bring a lot of information about your customers directly to you. For example, what they are buying, how are they buying, how are they paying, what they consider as a deal breaker, and what kind of the deals are they interested in, among a hundred others.

      What’s more important is, you can provide a plethora of information to your clients about your products & services. You can carry out targeted marketing campaigns via push notifications, messages and e-mails to ultimately help you drive conversions. The fact that you are marketing much more personally is an enormous advantage.

    • Brand Visibility:

      Perhaps the most important reason your small business needs a mobile app is branding. Your mobile app could present you with just the opportunity you might have been looking for, to help you build your business as a recognizable brand.

      When people are installing your app on their smartphones, it is undeniably helping you grab more eyeballs on a daily basis. Your app logo is viewed by the masses when they scroll their smartphone’s screen on-the-go. They are aware about your business and offerings on a constant basis.

      Mobile apps accelerate your users’ contact with your brand, which enhances your relationship with consumers in a world where speedy responses are prized by buyers.


In today’s Mobile-first world, many business owners are yet to recognize the huge potential benefits of mobile apps in terms of boosting efficiency, productivity, user experience, and competitive edge.

Therefore, having a mobile app for your business can help you get an edge over the competitor and stand out in the crowd.


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