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Checked out your “Lookback” video yet? If you haven’t you can do that here .

Faceboook turned 10 yesterday and with it released something known as “Lookback” video where you can look back at what all you have been up to since you joined Facebook. My past 24 hours on Facebook have been filled with two major things:

1. People sharing their Lookback videos
2. People cribbing and whining about how they hate how Facebook made their Lookback video.
This and Satya Nadella off-course(Congratulations to him as well).

The New Facebook Lookback edit tool:

Anyways, the good news is that according to a source we’ve learned that Facebook is working on an edit tool for Lookback movies. The edit tool was supposed to be added initially only but apparently it wasn’t ready on time with Facebook’s 10th anniversary. The tool would allow you to pick/remove alternative photos/clips that aren’t in your initial movie.

So behold yourselves, if your Lookback video too has many awkward pictures of you (or maybe your ex) you can remove them and add whatever in the world you want to add.


Facebook has really built on their basic functionality with these special videos and flash-backs like the Annual recap just before 2014 started. These campaigns are really standing out to generate huge buzz over the internet world, just like this blog, we’re not talking about Facebook turning 10 but the Special movie thing it released on it. If you still haven’t got your “Lookback” video made, come on its high time!


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