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Google Webmaster Tools unleashed the new drive to track the spam actions, enabling the authentic site owners to keep track of their website whether their site has been manually castigated by Google.

Google is gradually augmenting the communication to webmasters, with the prime motive of fighting web spam by enlightening the site owners on how it influences their performance in search results page. Earlier, Google would send notifiers about manual actions taken against a site in the owner’s Webmaster Tools account. But this enhanced feature augments the notifications with a real-time tool that does a live check against Google’s internal web spam systems.

 manual actions


To verify the manual actions viewer, one need to sign-in your verified Google Webmaster Tools account. Click on the “Manual Actions” report under the “Search Traffic” section.

The popular search engine Google looks for spammed search results in two ways: first through manually applied penalties and secondly, algorithmic updates that are designed to take off the sites that gives a poor user experience from search results.

By manual actions, we mean the penalties imposed against the sites that have been reviewed by real human beings on Google’s webspam team and found to breach Google’s quality guidelines. The sites can be penalized partly, if the web spam affects only a chunk of the site, or the whole site can be penalized.

Manual actions are spread across a variety of categories of webspam such as low-end content, keyword stuffing and unnatural links. If you are one of those people, who’s site has been penalized, do not hesitate to contact a SEO expert. A top level SEO specialist will be easily able to diagnose the issues. This, in essence, is the most important step when optimizing a website and probably the first step in getting your website back from Google Penalty, if any exists.

Earlier, verified site owners were left to wonder if they were suffering from a manual penalty every time their search performance snaps more than the regular amount. The new tool is the best part of the manual actions that ensures the transparency it extends into the re-inclusion process.


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