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As Matt Cutts announced at the SMX west conference, held at San Jose Convention Center on this Monday, March 11, a new Panda update is about to be released on March 15 or by 18. Panda algorithm by Google has its concentration on providing rich user experience through relevant and quality content pages on higher results of a Google search.

 Now, there are other factors affecting too, as Panda concentrates on the content and on-page SEO, Google also has Penguin. Penguin penalizes Black hat SEO techniques like keyword stuffing, cloaking, link exchange schemes and duplicate content. It also states that anchor texts or links to your website which are placed on another website, should be there by free will of the website owner and not manipulatively or commercially placed. Just like wordpress.com’ information hub WPMU.org was penalized because as every wordpress install, this also stated on the footer the theme type being used and the provider of the theme, for example you see on the bottom of a website “powered by wordpress”.

Google’s last panda update affected 1.2% of search engine queries in English, like every time there are losers and winners after every update. If someone loses a high ranking obviously some other website catches the spot. The websites majorly affected were hubpages.com, mahalo.com and suite101.com.

In the beginning losers list was topped by Ezinearticles.com, as they have a similar and low quality content stuffed up in the form of submitted articles. Whereas SEO master website seomoz.org claims that their organic search result traffic has increased by 49% since the first update was released in February 2011.

What would be exactly in the upcoming update is anyone’s guess, as it is yet to be released, but for all we know from the past updates, that the motto of Google remains the same, that is to remove spam off the web. If you don’t have your website’s unnatural links or anchor texts on other websites, and you keep low quality content off your websites, you have nothing to worry about, just keep up the good work.

Advertisement ratio on your website is a factor which can affect you, as the anti-spam team of Google is against ads all over your website. Keep an optimum number of advertisements, use Adsense, and follow Google’s guidelines of best practices for ad placements.

It is also said that a new generation penguin would also be coming by the end of this year, it is guessed that it is going to be the much awaited merchant quality algorithm, but guesses don’t work when it is about what’s going on inside the mind of distinguished engineer from Google.

What will come in these updates is not in our hands, but the thing we should do is, follow the basic principles of quality content, relevant information, White hat SEO practices and the most important point of enhancing user experience of our websites.


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