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Social Media is not just a channel for connecting with people anymore. As we have seen Social Media has impacted our lifestyle extensively, and it’s not only when we are on our profiles of the desired Social Media platform, but in our real life too.

We tend to change the way of our living, which is actually impacted by the presence of others on your friend list or the people you follow. Twitter has impacted through microblogging; it is surprising how just a 160 character tweet can make such an impression that people get inspired, motivated, feel the need of transformation and so much more. You can imagine when 160 characters can make such an impact what would hundreds of images and apps and videos along with catchy text would do.

Facebook has turned out to be the platform which has changed the way people shop now. Ecommerce is nothing new to us, but the impact of Social Media on ecommerce is something which is surprising when it comes to numbers about the impact.

As per a survey conducted by Jana (a company that takes surveys and can send airtime to 3.48 billion people around 102 countries in return of the survey) about the impact of Social Media on their shopping habits proved that in majority of the countries a great role is played by the Social Media. The survey presented various channels like Articles (Printed or online), Blogs, Review Websites, Social Media and the Company Website as options to choose from , and the one that received the majority of votes was for Social Media.

If anyone wants to gather information about the product they want to purchase, Social Media is the channel they like to look for the insights of the product, either through the company page on Facebook, Twitter or to see what their connections or peers are talking about the product.

Isn’t that really convenient that if you are looking for a true insight, all you have to do is update a status asking reviews about a product and you get it all from your own peers. Brands too enjoy this channel for connecting with their consumers, and they always tend to make their presence as appealing as possible. Brands also try to keep an eye on what people are talking about them, and they are always keen to address every question and concern that presented.

The numbers are surprising in the survey, but this was anticipated by the Social Media and digital marketing experts. Social Media has impacted our lives in a lot of ways, so shopping was not going to be any different.


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