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So, you’ve decided to get a mobile app developed, whether it’s to assist your internal business workflows or simply because you have had a groundbreaking idea for a productivity app. You have a budget in mind or at least you think you do, and now, you want to go ahead with deciding on a reliable mobile app development team.

But finding a mobile app developer in today’s highly competitive market can be a daunting task, especially with the large number of players ranging from highly talented freelancers to mobile app development agencies.

The core competencies and the virtuosity to deliver when the stakes are high is the real game.

We have created this guide as a way to help people like you find the right fit for your mobile app development needs and to bring your app idea to life.

Here’s checklist of how you should proceed in a sequential manner:

  • Goals:

    The first thing you need to do is to vet the business goal(s) you wish to achieve with the mobile app. This is perhaps the most critical factor that will directly affect the success of your mobile app in the long run.

    Mobile app isn’t something that can be created overnight. The baby steps you take in this process are extremely important.

    For Example:

    What you are looking to drive with your mobile app will eventually steer your mobile app’s design.

    An e-commerce mobile app will be greatly different in design from a productivity app like a to-do checklist- so, you need to be clear about your goals from Day One.

    An app built on a solid foundation of a vetted business goal, with stellar design aesthetics and a robust development is halfway to a great climax.

  • Budget:

    Establish your budget- once you have identified the business goals, purpose and the functions of your mobile app, you need to quantify the money you will require to realize your idea.

    There are no hard and fast guidelines regarding how much a feature for your app will cost as it all depends upon the context in which they are implemented. The best way will be to consult a mobile app expert on this.

    Another point that is key here is the quoted price- don’t let the price drive your decision making process. Every business, be it a startup or an enterprise has a budget in mind. It is a smart thing to not get blinded by rock-bottom prices as going with an inexpensive option can cost you more in the long run.

  • Right Fit:

    Mobile apps are no one-time activity. They will go through continuous updates/evolution, based on user feedback and changes in trends.

    Be sure to hire an app development team that will not only be active and accessible throughout the lifecycle, but will have you covered even beyond that.

  • Portfolio:

    You can distinguish a good mobile app development agency from the rest by their work, which will speak for itself. Make sure to steer clear of agencies that indulge in self-acclamation of their prowess.

    Assessing their portfolio…

    The reason for that is simple: More Experience Equates To A Linear Learning Curve.

    If any mobile app development team has built an app that is similar to the one you are looking to build, the learning curve for the team will be much smoother and they will have a good hands-on experience of building a similar app. They are already aware about the critical details that need to be taken care of from the beginning. This ensures that there are no disruptions in the later stages of app development.

  • References:

    Though not really necessary, but if you want complete assurance that the app development agency you have chosen is as good as it claims, then getting some references from past clients certainly provides a deeper insight into the work and business workflow of the agency.

Focus on your vision with the mobile app and you will have a better shot at finding the right mobile app development agency. After all, the matter of bringing your idea to life is in your app developers’ hand.


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