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Do you own a restaurant, a Café or are you an Auto dealer, an interior decorator or a Dentist?

If you run a business that serves the local area and/or you have a store/office which you want to showcase to your prospective clients  and you are still not using Google’s ‘Business view’ then you are missing out big time.

There was a time when a simple business listing on yelp or craigslist would be enough to bring huge crowds to your doorsteps. Then came Google with its local places for business and Map listings, which completely revolutionized the way people chose which place to visit.

Google view is the indoor version of street view and is based on the same technology.

Google view enables one to take a virtual tour of the facility without actually having to visit it and one can only imagine the endless uses of such a possibility.

There are many business site which host videos and photographs of the business listed there which help but they usually fail when you have to compare between two or more facilities.

The major reason being the quality, angle, type and amount of photo/video may differ from business to business. What Google View does is that it gives you a complete 360 degree view of the facility and since Google has partnered with several photo/video agencies at all locations where this facility is currently active hence all similar businesses can be compared easily and accurately.

local seo business view
Restaurant in new York using business view technology





The trained technicians who have tied up with Google to provide this service make sure everything is portrayed as it should and make your business look as beautiful as possible.

This is one of the most least used features till now but surely puts one at an advantageous position when compared to the businesses who do not use this yet.

The numerous case studies presented show that the average traffic boost is more than 20% for some cases as the CTR increases by 30% and conversion rate increased by up to 50%.

Google view provides businesses with a method to engage with their customers in a never before way which is revolutionary.

Who should be using it? :

# If you own a café or a food joint or may be restaurant.

# show room owner , auto dealer

# basically If you own a store with a showcase in it you should be using this.


# helps you enhance customer engagement

# enhances your local business online presence

# improves your CTR and thus conversions

# makes you stand out from your competition


# paid service

# your prospective customers may decide against using you without even visiting you once

# lack of awareness

For more info please visit Google View. If you do not have a hang of these kind of things and have engaged a local SEO service provider, ask them about it immediately and get them to help you with this.


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