How Does CTR Affect Your SEO Rankings?

December 17, 2016

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  • Larry Kim
  • Well my trusted Colleague in this industry Larry Kim beat me to it on this one as I would have shared the same link as an avid user and lover of the Wordstream Product and not just saying that because Larry is hear. But what I do hope is that this article is found by those we are trying to help – the website business owners we seek to have as customers. There is so much important information that business owners need to take onboard but they treat their website like how they treat buying a new gadget for them to play with. Rip open the box, throw all literature into the corner of the room, tap on the gadget, oh that part doesn’t work – oh well no worries.

    And this unfortunately is how website business owners tackle their website marketing. I am amazed here in Scotland by those who attend my OnlineXcellence Program who I educate towards the importance of tools like Wordstream and to take a bit more time in reading like this article and things people like my friend Rand Fishkin and Matt Bailey and us all really are doing to try and have more business owners be successful with their websites.

    Thanks for this article and thanks Larry for sharing an excellent link also from one of the world’s greatest knowledge bank. Keep achieving OnlineXcellence