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The Project

Solo Autos is a very popular auto magazine that has been on the forefront of the Texas Automobile since 1988. They have always strived to serve the community of buyers and sellers in the most radical and convenient way possible. They currently serve three major cities of Texas – Houston, Austin, San Antonio. With a feature-rich online platform they further wanted reaffirm their goal.

Project Challenge

There were many features particularly in this project that brought in challenges in itself. However the biggest challenge of all was to integrate all these extensive features into the website seamlessly and still ensure optimal site performance that further ensures a rich user experience.

Final Render


Color Consistency


As a result of successful relaunch in the new markets, Solo Autos achieved the following results

  • 63%

    Improved Brand Recall Value

    Redesigned website helped them have a unified branding across various channels of internet.

  • 33%

    Reduction in Bounce Rate

    Solo Autos achieved 33% reduction in the bounce rate because of better UI/UX experience with its features

  • 41%

    Increment in Client Retention

    As a result of all the strategies working in tandem, solo autos saw 41% increment in client retention rate.

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