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The Project

PeopleCount is a non-partisan organization that accredits and emancipates the public by providing a bold voice against political issues, through a digital medium. By voting on various topics, public can raise their concern and provide relevant and timely solutions, so that the government or the people in power are accountable to everyone. We assisted the organization in developing a website that could represent ideology of a generation with a strong motif.

Project Challenge

Although the implementation of this idea was relatively simpler, the challenge lied in the presentation and design of the website. Having this unique concept of empowering people, we had to ensure that our front end presentation was up to the mark and simpler, yet engaging for a common man to understand and relate to.

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Color Consistency


CountPeople’s report card got straight A’s. Just a brief memory of the test

  • 20%

    Pledges Received

    As soon the website hit online, massive support and contribution started pouring from people around US. More than 20k people participated in taking vows against serious issues.

  • $40k

    $40k received in donations

    CountPeople has been so grateful for the financial support for the contributions and donations, providing a big push to take on issues more strenuously.

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