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Business Overview

Troentorps Clogs is an online store that offers a wide range of Swedish wooden clogs and sandals for Men and Women. It ships all around the world although its biggest markets being US and Sweden.

The Hurdle

Despite great offerings Troentorps Clogs was failing to make in the online market and at the time we started with the SEO campaign their online sales contributed in a very small manner to their overall revenue. The task in hands for our SEO experts was amplify their online exposure and promote their brand across the internet.

How Did We Do It?

Revamped Web Design

We employed our keen design insights and completely revamped their web design.

Content Marketing

We created and curated interesting content for their brand and promoted it across the internet to connect and engage with the target audience.

On-Page SEO

Optimization of the On-Page elements like Rich snippets among others.

Rich Link Building:

White-hat link Building activities targeting product and branded keywords.

How Do The Numbers Look?

With our best SEO strategies, we have successfully achieved the results


Ranking in Search Results

8 High Competition keywords ranked on Google page 1 after 6 months persistent SEO work.


Increase in Organic Traffic

Double Dog experienced a whooping 495% increase in Organic Traffic because of 8 valuable keywords ranking on Google Page 1.


Reduction In Bounce Rate

As a result revamped site architecture the client saw bounce rate being reduced to 46%.


With our focused SEO efforts, we took Open Tele Health to the top pages of Google and led to a manifold increase in their online exposure.




Bounce rate

254, 845

Page views



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