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Project Overview

As a prodigy of the eccentric “I’M POSSIBLE TRAINING” organization, the IPT app aims at creating ripples in the world of basketball with the support of mobile medium. In its sui generis digital avatar, the app provides Skill Enhancement Programs to trainers, coaches and players, all around the globe to master their craft in the Basketball, by providing access to world class online training system. The organization envisioned ClixLogix as a platform to assist and help them lay their territory on the digital world and to spread its novel ideology further than ever.

Project Challenge

Developing for such a reputed brand itself is a daunting task. We were laser-focused on building an avant-garde yet technically enhanced and a lightweight yet powerful app that is in resonance to the needs of a worldwide audience. Also, implementing a well-organized and sorted medium for communication with full support material like videos and notes for workouts and development was a top and foremost priority.

Color Consistency

Time Taken To Launch The App

  • 05 Months
  • 08 Days
  • 12 Hours

Final Render


Here are some of the results achieved upon launching the app

  • 40k+

    40K + combined downloads

    IPT app has expanded the boundaries for I’M POSSIBLE organization, by providing a fresh user base of more than 40k users.

  • 4.4

    4.4 Star Rating on the App Store

    Barbease experienced more than 50,000 app downloads within 3 months of launch

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