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Project Overview

IR-8 Sensor is making giant strides in revolutionizing the way audience view and engage with various sports, like Rugby, Football and Basketball. By deploying and fetching live-data from the sensors on the apparels of sportsperson, it provides an enhanced live streaming experience for the specified sports activities to the viewers while reviewing player safety as well. The task at our end was to deliver a robust app, integrated with advanced technical tools to meet the end goals of the project.

Project Challenge

Implementation of an app so dynamic itself scored a Homerun on the “Challenge” scoreboard. We had to tackle the challenge by incorporating features to fetch and display the instances before the blink of an eye, that too, in a quirky style to keep the audience engaged and at the edge of their seats.

Defining the Blueprint

Here is a brief account of what went into the conceptualization of the app

Color Consistency

Time Taken To Launch The App

  • 10 Months
  • 16 Days
  • 20 Hours

Final Render


Here are some of the results achieved upon launching the app

  • 40k

    40K+ downloads

    Managers, Players, Audiences- all seem to have struck a chord with IR-8 Sensor. The support pouring in has been humongous, even at the early stage.

  • 4.5

    4.5 Star Rating on Play Store

    Efforts in the development of the app have been repaid in the form of kind acknowledgement received from everyone around the globe.

Thank You For Watching And Your Appreciation

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