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Project Overview

FitDesk is a avant-garde health and fitness company, with a mission to transform the conventional workspaces and homes into active environments, reflecting fitness, wellness and productivity by deploying innovative exercising equipment. In order to reach their audience on a more personal level, they trusted us with their vision of developing a fitness tracking iOS app for FitDesk, which aids users in monitoring their fitness-activity metrics while using FitDesk products.

Project Challenge

In order to track and transmit metrics in real-time to the app within frequent time intervals, our developers leveraged and implemented the innovative BLE technology in the app post a thorough research across multitude of devices. Also, designing a unique and engaging interface that can inspire and propel audience for small bursts of workouts, posed a challenging opportunity to scratch and tickle our creative bends.

Defining the Blueprint

Here is a brief account of what went into the conceptualization of the app

Color Consistency

Time Taken To Launch The App

  • 07 Months
  • 20 Days
  • 12 Hours

Final Render


Here are some of the results achieved upon launching the app

  • 5k

    Users in Beta Phase

    FitDesk is already a popular brand among fitness enthusiasts and as result saw more than 5K registrations for its beta program.

  • 20k

    App Downloads

    Within 3 months of launch FitDesk saw 20K+ app downloads on App Store

  • 37%

    increase in the overall sales of FitDesk Products

    After the successful launch of the FitDesk app, the organization saw a gradual 37% increase in their annual sales, a metric they themselves dedicated to the app

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