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The Project

CMI Sales is a commercial purpose industrial products supply giant in the Canadian market, enticing customers by providing heavy goods at the blink of an eye. Be it industrial tools, electrical products, safety equipments, office supplies or inventory for packaging and shipping - you name it, and they have it. Looking forward to expansion in the digital space, they approached us to design an online commerce store for their products.

Project Challenge

Working with CMI Sales was a very unique kind of experience altogether. The clients were keenly obsessed with hierarchical distribution of department and the products listed under them. This provided us a thin line to walk on when it came to the front end design of the website. Finally, it was ensured and monitored to provide a robust platform, which was well organized and looked pleasing as well.

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Here are some amazing results that I’m Possible Training was able to achieve

  • 63%

    Increase in the revenues

    This tremendous increase in the profits and returns has left everyone at CMI Sales bewildered. At an average of 63% increase in revenue, the bar keeps on rising higher and higher.

  • 6k+

    User Base of Buyers

    The wind after the launch of the website, had not even settled before the high storm of so many users took everything apart. With such great stats, the fan base is expected to reach twin figures soon.

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