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The Project

This project involved the development of backorder tracking system for BMW Denmark. The dashboard intends to serve as a complete management tool that will enable the administrators to review of the back orders of the company operations in Denmark.

Project Challenge

The biggest challenge lied in developing the middleware that would facilitate data processing between different servers. Our team of developers and IT analysts stood up to the task and delivered up to the expectations of the decision makers at the automobile giant.

Final Render


As a result of successful implementation and integration of backorder management system BMW in Denmark achieved the following:

  • 23%

    Reduced Operation Costs

    Dealers were able to avoid overstocking the products and rely on the backorder management system to assist their clients.

  • 42%

    Increase in Delivery Efficiency

    Since dealers were in a better position to relay the accurate timeframes for delivery of autoparts to their clients, they achieved a 42% increase in delivery efficiency.

  • 37%

    Increased Accuracy in Inventory Valuation

    Leveraging the Backorder Management System , BMW Company could easily track and valuate the autoparts stocks nationwide.

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