Why Facebook You Ask?

Facebook is the world’s largest social network. 70% of all internet users actively use Facebook. This means that your customers and their friends, and their friend’s friends can see what you post on your Facebook. This makes Facebook a tool in your brand building armor. We can help you by converting your many potential customers into your new customers.

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How We Get People To 'Like' You?

At Clixlogix, we know how important your brand’s online reputation is. We follow a highly structured and proven marketing process to make sure that your brand is well liked on the world’s largest social platform. This process involves Pre-Campaign Analysis – Before we start working on your Facebook profile, we perform a thorough analysis of various metrics of your Facebook profile. From your posts to your likes, everything is keenly observed to identify what has worked for your brand and what hasn’t in the past.

Our Facebook Promotion Strategies

On Facebook, we work with the aim of converting every single potential customer of your brand into a customer who religiously accesses your brand. To be able to tap into every kind of potential customer, we employ various strategies so that no potential customer goes untouched.

Facebook Group Promotions

We are all for high level efficiency which we achieve by our Facebook Group Promotions Services where we target the groups frequented by your primary audience and make sure that they instantly recognize your brand.

Our Facebook Promotion Tools

What’s a specialist without his tools? At Clixlogix, we use high quality marketing and social media tools to make sure that each step of our marketing strategy is carried out without a hitch.

Warning: You Might Need A Better Server

At Clixlogix, the only direction we know is upwards. And that is exactly where the traffic on your website will be headed with our Social Media campaign. Your brand’s Facebook page will get more likes than a video of Justin Beiber hitting his head on a doorway. More reach than the long arm of the law. And let’s not even talk about engagements. Your brand page’s engagements will become our successful social media case studies.

Want Even More 'Likes'?

If you want to spice up your Facebook brand even more, then worry not. We’ll help you there too with our proven Facebook Promotions Services. Get your brand in front of even more audience and see your brand reach fourfold in no time with our campaigns that will reach out to your targeted audience. In our paid Facebook campaign we are focused on content-sharing and creating viral content. Your brand will be in your audience’s newsfeed round the clock. This will ensure that your brand grabs as many eyeballs as possible.


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