Project Name : Sure Cabs

Industry : Transportation

Technologies Used : iOS , Swift , x-code ,


Sure Cabs is an on-demand taxi service which allows you to requests a taxi directly from your smartphone at a tap of button and an integrated Mobile Payment ensures that the payment is hassle free.

The project also involved the development of a web portal that connects drivers with passengers. Some of the basic features included were email/social media signup, mobile payment, reviews & ratings.

Project Challenge

The biggest challenge here was to integrate 2 different app modules together i.e. app for drivers and the other one for passengers with integrations like Maps, payment system and social media login.

Result Achieved

We delivered the complete app - right from the passengers' version to drivers verision as well as the admin end in just 6 months - well before the expected timescale.

The app has gained quick ground and has seen over 5000 registrations in its first month of operations.

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