Project Name : SwitchGlass

Industry : Builders & Constructions

Technologies Used : Ajax , Bootstrap , CMS , Html5 , Javascript , Open Source Development , Php/Mysql ,


This Project involved re-designing of a leading Australian Glass company website into a clean modern looking professional website following the “responsive” design aesthetics. The old website followed a vintage look which was not mobile optimized.

We designed the website in such a way that the different market verticals (namely, Medical, Residential, Commercial and Architectural) of our client’s business can easily access the sections which are relevant for them.

Project Challenge

The major challenge of this project was that we had to ensure that the SEO value of the website was not lost in the entire re-design process. Our rich SEO expertise helped us to deliver a modern looking website which was properly structured and designed in such a way that NO SEO value of the domain was lost in the process.

Result Achieved

With the help of proper interaction and regular meetings with the client, we delivered a professional looking mobile RESPONSIVE website which is user friendly and is focused on the user experience.