Project Name : Startup Travels

Industry : Social Networking

Technologies Used : Bootstrap , Html5 , Open Source Development , Php/Mysql ,


The project involved the development of a complete Social Networking portal for connecting travelling entrepreneurs around the world. This unique idea had a lot of hard coded features which were requested by the client. One such feature was the custom coded referral system which was built before the website went live.

While the team was working on the development of the online portal - a referral system was put in place on the domain such that it enabled the users to invite other users to join the portal. This system would in-turn help the users to climb the reputation ladder of the website. We built this as a WordPress plugin for the client.

Project Challenge

The challenging aspect of this project was to turn this fresh "out of the oven" idea into a stunning web portal focused on the user experience and interaction with the other users. Only with a clean UI would the portal hit the masses.

Result Achieved

The final product not only was user friendly, but it went viral. The referral system that was built for this website before its launch, helped our client get over 4500 registrations. The website has undergone a lot of changes in the near past done by the in-house development team which is managing the website, but we are proud to be the original core development team of Startup Travels.

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