Project Name : Soloautos - SEO Campaign For Automobile Business

Industry : Automobile & Transport

Technologies Used : Local SEO , Organic SEO , Organic SEO Company , SEO Guaranteed ,


Soloautos is a very popular auto magazine that has been on the forefront of Texas automobile scene since 1988. With their website Soloautos want to make it easier to buy and sell used cars with guaranteed top-notch quality. primarily serves three major cities of Texas, namely – Houston, Austin and San Antonio.

Project Challenge

Soloautos wanted us to bolster their online presence to improve the incoming web traffic on their website. The challenge was to improve the website’s Search Engine rankings for three different locations.

One peculiar aspect of this campaign was that Soloautos, being a popular Texan brand, also received huge amount of traffic from across the border (Mexico). The client wanted us to reduce the Mexico based traffic and bolster oncoming traffic from within Texas.

Also, we were told to achieve this with limited optimization of the website itself.
We employed a two-prong approach of Local SEO and Social Media to popularize Soloautos across the length and breadth of the internet. The SEO campaign focused on the three target locations while our Social Media Campaign focused on improving their online visibility.

Result Achieved

With our SEO campaign, we successfully managed to drive overwhelming traffic from the United States. In just 6 months, traffic from Mexico was in a nosedive and the client was very pleased with our SEO results.

About the Social Media campaign, we placed a special focus on Google+ because of the SEO value that having a good presence on Google+ brings for a brand.

We gained 800 followers in less than 6 months without the use of any paid tools. This was made possible by our Social Media expertise and our focus on continual growth and improvement for our clients.

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