Project Name : PeopleCount

Industry : Foundations, Philanthropists & Non-Profits

Technologies Used : Angular , Html5 , Javascript , NodeJS , Php/Mysql ,


PeopleCount is built with a vision to make the political respresentative more accountable to people's true needs. We did our part in this amazing initiate by building a robust NodeJs-based portal for PeopleCount.

Project Challenge

We chose the best technologies present and the best development practices such as GitHub & JIRA to ensure that the portal is robust. NodeJS for the server-side, AngularJS for the front-end & MongoDB (which was later changed to MySQL at the client's request) combine seamlessly to shape up this powerful political tool.

Result Achieved

Our developmental foresight and expertise ensured that the Beta version of the portal is up in just a month. And currently, the full-version is in the works.

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