Project Name : Kooshoo - Online Marketing Campaign

Industry : Clothing & Accessories

Technologies Used : Organic SEO , Organic SEO Company , SEO Guaranteed ,


Kooshoo is a Hawaii based business that deals in high quality yoga accessories such as yoga mats, yoga head bands among others.

Kooshoo caters to those who wish to redefine that way they live their lives with healthy being and a sense of unity among others.

Project Challenge

The folks at Kooshoo tasked us with the improving their position on search engine rankings on Google. Being always up for challenge, we went to work and crafted a pointed and effective SEO campaign to help increase the online sales of their projects.

Result Achieved

With our focused SEO efforts, we took Kooshoo to the top pages of Google and led to a manifold increase in the online sales of their yoga accessories and helped them achieve a “higher” sense of search engine rankings.