This is a client website who operates a home-based Cleansing Juice business. All her orders are online and we did a redesign of her original website. Following a vintage look, the old website did not tell much about the products or the business, and lacked any relevant hooks or “call to action” areas.

Design - We designed the website in such a way that as soon as the user lands on the website, the homepage reflects what the website is about and the products. The website followed modern “Responsive” design aesthetics using Bootstrap Technology.

Development - A custom coded “Build Your Package” feature which enables the user to pick up different type of juices, and make a cleansing package as per their own choice.

Project Challenge

The major challenge for this project lied in the fact that we had to deliver a website which echoed the brand as a whole and at the same time was user friendly so that users can buy the cleansing juiced easily.

Result Achieved

The client was very specific with her requirements, and proper meetings with our Management team enabled to deliver us a website which was 100% in-line to our client’s expectations.