Project Name : Frenguage

Industry : Education

Technologies Used : Ajax , Bootstrap , Html5 , Javascript , Open Source Development , Php/Mysql ,


This project involved the development of a Social Networking website which is geared towards the users who would like to learn new languages. We designed and developed the portal from ground up using CakePHP framework.

Design – The portal involved heavy design work on Photoshop and Illustrator for a unique modern look which is quite different from any Social Networking website out there. The homepage is like a sleek “About Us” page giving a reflection of all the features in the website.

Development – Frenguage has everything that is needed for a website to be Social, and in addition to that, you learn new Languages there. You can sign up on the website to learn a new language and to teach what you already know. Some of the many custom coded features on the website include:

a) Class Feature – For users to join different classes to learn a language, users can learn using Google Hangouts which is integrated with each class.

b) Team Feature – Users can create a “Language focused” team to learn a specific language. Every team has a teacher which is teaching the language. Teams create “Classes” and also have real-life “Events” where users can meet and learn.

c) Profile Rating Feature – Every profile on Frenguage has ratings associated with it. These are the ratings which are given by other users who have used the user for learning a specific language.

Project Challenge

The major challenge lied in the fact that we had to build a Social Network which was unique in its own true sense. Our design expertise helped us to deliver something which brings “pleasure to the eyes” as well as does justice to the UX/UI which is very important for Social Networks. With a portal this extensive, there was always going to be the change in the feature preferences for this network, but our excellent team of IT consultants built on the initial idea that the client had in mind to build something, which simply put, is truly amazing.

Result Achieved

Regular meeting with the client helped us to build a user friendly Social Networking portal which everyone would love.

So signup, meet new people, make friends, and learn a new language today using Frenguage.