Project Name : FoodBNB

Industry : Bars & Restaurants

Technologies Used : Bootstrap , Html5 , Javascript ,


This project involved the designing and branding of an online portal focused on meeting like-minded “foodies”. The concept of this website was inspired by “AirBnB”, but we made sure that the look of the website was something quite unique.

Project Challenge

The project challenge lied in the fact that, we already have one “AirBnB” out there; we had to reflect something which was inspired by it, and not copied from it.

Result Achieved

The result was that we created a smooth design for this project which had a hint of “AirBnB” but echoed something which was unique and smooth on the eyes. The client was quite happy about the entire project, a 5-star feedback is a clear testimony for the same –

“Very good communication skills. Also this team has a great deal of creativity. Thoroughly recommended! ”