The project involved the development of fully customized Mobile biomedical applications and a custom designed website to for the business. The website was custom designed from scratch to reflect all the features of each Mobile application to enable the visitors to download them from the specific Application stores.

Project Challenge

The challenging part of the project lied in the fact that each Application had a separate color theme and branding, which was different than branding of the website.

To solve this challenge, on the design side - each mobile application has its dedicated landing page which follows the color theme (including the header and the footer) of the associated application, and thus, making the landing pages unique.

Result Achieved

The final product was an extremely polished, clean and completely out of the box website on the design front. The front-end followed a combination of cluster free design and smoothly used HTML5/CSS3. The backend however, was a completely robust solution enabling the Admin to control everything content piece on the website.