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Google’s ‘Secret Sauce’ To Be Spilled Out In Open?

France has become the latest country to have taken a strong step forward in the path of making the internet ‘neutral’. In yet another threat to Google’s privacy policy and search engine methodologies, French Senate is likely to pass a law this week that would allow the country’s national telecoms regulator to monitor search engines’ algorithms in a bid to make the search engine results fair and non-discriminatory.

Google has …

How To Survive Google’s April 21 Mobile Friendly Update – Mobocalypse

Imagine you are reading a book about an extraterrestrial being visiting the Earth and you come across a concept that you’ve never heard of, let alone reading about it. A philosophy more alien to you than the Martian being that the book is all about. So what do you do? Do you begrudgingly continue reading ahead while you silently wish that you had paid more attention in Quantum Physics in …

How Single Page Applications Have Evolved The Web

Single Page Applications have been the talk of the town for some years now. A single page displaying all the information a user might ever want. No pesky HTTP requests, no time delays, no page reloads. The Single Page Application paradigm has made browsing the web a better experience. But has it really?

To be able to answer that question properly, we need to first delve into what exactly is …

Converting Visits into Sales : The Art of Persuasive Copywriting

Copywriting is your way of connecting to your consumers and communicating with them in a way that makes them want to pay attention.

The art of writing effective copy requires a considerable level of creativity and innovation to make a resounding impact on the reader.

At the same time, convincing marketing copy also uses certain scientific principles of influence and persuasion that silently work their …

5 Social Media Management Sins To Avoid

“If you’ve got a goal without a plan, then it’s just a wish.”

This quote by Herman Edwards sums up failed social media campaigns like fingerprints at a crime scene sum up the experience of a criminal — at once and conclusively. But Internet is also a deep vortex where for every advice, you also get not-so-good tips aplenty. If you want your small business to get BIG on the social …