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The End Of SEO Doorway Pages, Google Hints At An Algorithm Update

In the recent years , Google has been taking giant steps to make the web a better place for internet surfers and a hell for web spammers. In their latest step forward, Google is reportedly planning to introduce some changes in the ranking algorithm for doorway pages.

Doorway Pages are, in Google’s own words, “created solely for search engines can …

Doing Multilingual and Multiregional SEO, The Right Way

Optimizing your website to reach your targeted audience is very essential but what if your targeted audience hails from different locations and speaks a variety of languages? It is very important for your business to communicate with your audience in their local language. This is where the importance of Multilingual and Multi-regional Search Engine Optimization can be realized.

Multiregional SEO is the process of optimizing your website in order to target …

IM2Calories – Google’s Deep Learning AI Could Be Your Next Dietitian

In recent years, Google has made deep inroads into the field of Artificial Intelligence by acquiring several most-buzzed about companies in the field of AI and robotics such as UK’s expert deep learning firm DeepMind. While the Googleplex’s most talked about projects include driverless self-driving cars, WiFi internet through balloons and Google Fiber, an announcement at the recent Rework Deep Learning Summit has revealed that Google’s Deep Learning …

How To Create cPanel Subdomains Dynamically Via PHP

The debate over the use of sub domain is an old one and even today divides the SEO community into two warring halves. Yes, sub doamins are not exactly very rosy. They come up with their own hassles both – on the coding front (server side scripting to create subdomains with PHP) & SEO.

But before we argue over whether you should have a sub domain of your website, let’s first …

A Magento Guide To Splitting An Order, Not Your Hair

Magento is one of the most popular PHP Based Shopping Cart Solution to develop Ecommerce websites. With an extremely feature rich templating system that allows high customization, it has one of the biggest extension repository among other shopping cart bretheren. Perhaps, that is why its often called as a Shark In The Ocean Of Other Shopping Cart solutions.