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Are you still not using Google’s ‘Business View’?

Are you still not using Google’s ‘Business View’?










Do you own a restaurant, a Café or are you an Auto dealer, an interior decorator or a Dentist?

If you run a business that serves the local area and/or you have a store/office which you want to showcase to your prospective clients  and you are still not using Google’s ‘Business view’ then you are missing out big time.

There was …

Twitter timeline gets amusing with ubiquitous GIF!

Get ready to be amazed at extra-animated twitter timeline. Yes! Posting GIFs made easy by twitter starting this Wednesday.

Check out the official announcement.

Being lost among technological advancements like video compressing for years, a 25 years old format, created as a blend of photo and video has recently got popularized across social media, since Pinterest added it in January this year.

 A …

Soon- You’ll be able edit your Facebook “Lookback”

Checked out your “Lookback” video yet? If you haven’t you can do that here .

Faceboook turned 10 yesterday and with it released something known as “Lookback” video where you can look back at what all you have been up to since you joined Facebook. My past 24 hours on Facebook have been filled with two major things:

1. People sharing their Lookback videos 2. People cribbing …

Tech Explosion: 2014

2013 saw technologies such as 4K HDTV, cloud storage, drones and much more exploding into our lives. Companies such as Lockitron and Nest paved the way for future smart home solutions and telecom companies like Samsung, Sony, etc. launched smart gears which could be the future of wearable technology.

With CES 2014 now behind us, we have already seen what the future could be like. 2014 would mostly …

Identifying un-natural backlinks after the Google webmaster tool’s notice

You have been warned now what? Is identifying and Getting rid of the “Bad” Links easy ?


Of late we have been getting quite a few queries regarding the link pruning/link removal services. What people in general want us to do is to “get rid” or “disavow” their “Bad” links.

What I would like to state is that just because your site’s ranking started to drop significantly …