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Microsoft & Google Collaborating Together On Angular JS 2

Microsoft & Google Collaborating Together On Angular JS 2

At ng-conf , Salt Lake City, Utah – something exceptional happened. Google & Microsoft joined hands together to collaborate on AngularJS.

This all started with announcement of AngularJS 2. One of the core Angular team members Igor Minar mentioned that Angular 1.x would still continue to be updated & hosted at

Later, members from Microsoft’s TypeScript team took the stage & unveiled the …

Google Algorithm Includes Mobile Friendly Design As A Ranking Parameter

If you do anything related to SEO, you can no longer ignore your own / your client’s website design. Since November 2014, there were signals from Google that it is going to start paying more attention on the Mobile Friendly Web Design. Google launched special SERP tags for websites that have a responsive web design & this was not a vanity-only-scheme.  We knew it was coming.

The Web In Full Screen

Bigger is better. This philosophy has been at the core of the ever growing list of full screen websites that have been spawning all over the web in recent times. With ever increasing speeds and development technologies improving faster than the speed of light, ‘full screen website’ is the current hot web design trend.


A full screen website is a website that encompasses …

Best PHP Frameworks Compared – Clash Of The Titans

PHP is amongst the World’s most popular scripting languages which is used to develop Web applications. There are a number of other languages like Ruby, Python, ASP, etc which are used to build web applications, but around 50% of the web world is made and powered on PHP language, which quite simply gives you an idea of its impact on the Internet. The major reason for this is …

More ‘Likes’ For Your Brand – Social Media Reach Explained

Social Media Reach

Every social media manager has had that moment. You spend countless hours planning a meticulous online campaign for a client. You go back to the drawing board several times to get that perfect amount of chutzpah in your campaign. After numerous revisions, and multiple sessions with your designers, you begin your campaign and start posting on your social streams. And then the wait begins. The …